Adult Education

MMT offers a number of exciting opportunities

for adults to engage in Jewish Learning!

WEEKLY TORAH STUDY:   Join us for an exciting hour of Torah Study every Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m.  Each week we study the portion of the week.  Check out the Reform Movement’s Website, (go to, and you will find Torah Study listed under “Learning”) and read the commentary on the weekly portion for additional insights or to wow the discussion group with your knowledge of the portion!  Taught by Rabbi Lynn Goldstein

INTRO TO JUDAISM:  Our final class for the year will be May 22 at 7:00 p.m.  Taught by Rabbi Lynn Goldstein

LEARN TO READ HEBREW IN ONE DAY MARATHON:  A 7 hour marathon designed for those who don’t even recognize what a Hebrew letter looks like!  By the end of the day, although you will not be speaking Hebrew, you will be able to recognize all the letters and vowels, and to sound out words.  Along the way, we’ll learn a few songs, learn some interesting Jewish trivia, and have a wonderful time!  And, with a little practice in the weeks after the Marathon, you will be able to gain fluency in reading, and participate in services reading the Hebrew text instead of the transliteration!  The Hebrew Marathon will be offered next Fall!  To be taught by Rabbi Lynn Goldstein.

CONVERSION TO JUDAISM:  If you are interested in conversion, you must meet with Rabbi Lynn Goldstein to discuss the process.  You will be expected to complete both the Introduction to Judaism Class and the Hebrew Marathon, as well as to study with Rabbi Goldstein.  Please call the Temple office at 662-3182 to schedule an appointment with our Rabbi.

SYNAGOGUE 3000 BOOK CLUBS:  Join one of our book clubs and participate in an exciting dialogue about the future of our community.  A new book club will be meeting this summer, led by Adena Meyers.  Call the Temple for more information.

COMING NEXT FALL!  Scholar in Residence weekend with Rabbi Melissa Weintraub!  Date to be confirmed, but pencil in the first or second weekend in October.  Topic:  The Middle East

COMING NEXT SPRING!  Scholar in Residence Weekend with Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman, architect of Synagogue 3000, author of ReThinking Synagogues, Professor at Hebrew Union College.  April 4 – 6, 2014