Food Fair

              MMT Jewish Food Fair – October 30, 2013

       “It’s in the Bag!” for 51 years!

Dear Fellow Temple Members,

It is my pleasure to again coordinate this year’s 51th Annual Jewish Food Fair. Thank you to everyone that I have already contacted for your willingness to help! Our slogan this year is again “It’s In the Bag”, as it has become a  recognized logo for our event. Since Food Fair has become a  Bloomington/Normal tradition, in our publicity/promotions and as we begin to sell tickets, I want everyone to remember to THANK the community for their support of our event for 51 years. Our congregation continues to rely heavily on the success of this event, so now we need your help! Please read the information that follows to know how you can help.

If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me. I believe that “Success comes when we all pull together.”

Thank you in advance for your help.

Gigi Ehrlich – 2013 Food Fair Chair


The bakery is one of the highlights of Food Fair for many customers, so we need to be sure that we have our usual (and renowned) array of goodies!  Please no brownies, rice krispie treats or ordinary cookies and cakes—we need specialty items NOT found locally in bakeries/church bake sales.  Each membership (families and singles) is expected to bake $30 worth of ingredients or to donate $60 to the bakery.  If you absolutely cannot bake, please send a check for $60.00 made out to MMT to the Temple (Attn: Bakery) as your contribution to the 2013 Food Fair Bakery.

Bakery Reminders: Health Dept. rules– all cheesecakes, kugels, and anything with meat must be made at the Temple and you must fill out the cooling sheets.  Any kugels or cheesecake baked outside the Temple kitchen will NOT be sold. Contact Fran Brandau (309-287-7404) or Naomi Wilansky (309-825-8818) with Bakery questions or Donna Lebow (309-664-7318) about Health Department procedures. 



9:00 AM – Set-up of Kitchen & Oscar Cohn Social Hall

11:00 AM – ?   The Big Bag Caper

  • Volunteers needed at 9:00      AM to set up the Social Hall.
  • Come help us open 4,300 paper bags for the lunches and get them ready for Food Fair! Help open the bags and stuff them with a      paper plate, napkin and mustard.       All hands appreciated! PLEASE HELP!


BAKERY PREPARATION starting at 9:00 AMHelp us in setting up the bakery, wrapping desserts, and pricing them.

UNLOADING SUPPLIES – 4:00 PM Need helpers with strong backs/arms to unload the

meat, pickle barrels, etc.

SANDWICH MAKING – 5:00 PM – ?  One of the biggest ‘social’ events at MMT! .
                                             Please bring:  an apron and a hat/scarf to cover your head. (Gloves/paper hats
                                                                 will be available at the Temple.)
PICKLE PACKING – 5:00 PM -? Our Youth Group will coordinate the pickle-packing effort under the direction of Jeff Loeb. Children too young for Youth Group (but tall enough to reach the pickle barrel) are  cordially invited.  Any adults who want to lend a hand are welcome


All hands on deck! Beginning at 6:00 AM, we need temple members volunteering to help pack the lunches and unload the truck, cashiering, bakery/deli sales, greeting, etc. from 11-2:30, and clean-up starting around 2 PM.

Come celebrate our 51th Jewish Food Fair!