Eligibility and Fees

We are fortunate at MMT to have the guidance and teaching of a full-time Rabbi, a thriving Religious School, a beautiful building and a calendar full of programs to help nurture and celebrate our Jewish heritage here in Bloomington/Normal. We work hard, we care for one another, we have a good community, but we need to keep the “lights on” and that won’t happen without our annual dues commitment. In recognition of the financial commitment MMT members make to the congregation, we have adopted this policy, establishing fees for non-members for a number of activities and events.

We welcome participation of nonmembers. It can be an excellent way to get to know us. After getting acquainted, we hope many will choose membership where we have adopted a fair share dues structure. Please be assured that financial hardship need not stand in the way of membership. Confidential arrangements may be made with the Treasurer, Financial Vice-President, or President.

Individuals studying with the Rabbi for conversion are eligible for member fee status during their time of study.

1. Religious School – Enrollment is limited to dues paying members or persons approved for a dues waiver.

2. Adult Education – There will be no fee for regular adult education classes for MMT members beyond paying for books and materials. Nonmembers, in addition to paying for books and materials, pay a class fee. The class fee will be based on the number of class sessions in the course and will cost between $5-10/class. If there is an outside teacher hired by the congregation, all students will share in the cost. In addition, nonmembers will pay the regular class fee.

3. Youth Group – All members of youth group pay $18 to NFTY. Members of MMT Youth Group are not required to belong to MMT however they must have signed permission from a parent or guardian to participate.

4. Sisterhood – Members pay $27 annual dues, which includes membership in WRJ (Women of Reform Judaism) and MFTS (Midwest Federation of Temple Sisterhoods). The MMT Board has approved participation by nonmembers, however dues for nonmembers will be $45 annually.

5. Use of facility other than the Sanctuary by members or groups sponsored by members. The use is limited to not-for-profit functions and non-profit organizations/groups with a member’s sponsorship and Board approval of function and use, including a description of anticipated kitchen use. Kitchen use is limited to microwave, refrigerator, sink and small coffeemaker. There will be no use of stove, dishwasher, dishes, or supplies. Nonmembers and functions not sponsored by a member will not receive Board approval. All nonmembers and groups using the facility must agree to abide by our guide to “Practices for Use of MMT Facility.” No fee is required, but voluntary donations would be accepted.

6. Use of the Sanctuary by nonmembers with the Rabbi for life cycle events. The Sanctuary is available only to members for life cycle events. Nonmembers living in the Bloomington/Normal area are encouraged to join the congregation in order to enjoy full member benefits and become part of the MMT community. Membership information is available from the Temple office or from the Rabbi.

7. High Holy Day services. There is no charge for members to attend High Holy Day services, and members may bring out-of-town guests at no additional fee. Students attending colleges and universities in Bloomington/Normal may attend at no charge. The recommended nonmember donation for High Holy Day services is $200 for an individual, $300 for a family. The amount is the same whether one service or more than one service is attended. This donation may be applied to membership dues if an individual or family decides to join the congregation.

8. Holiday dinners and Social Events. Nonmembers pay a 50% additional fee for these events. Members may bring guests and have them counted as members.