MMT Israel Trip- June, 2014


Travel to Israel with Rabbi Lynn, Jack, & Hilary

We  held our first meeting of MMTers interested in traveling to Israel together next year.  Already, about a dozen MMTers have expressed strong interest in participating in our Israel Trip!  Several important decisions were reached.  Our trip will depart June 5 or 5, 2014.  We are planning a two tiered experience.  The initial portion of our trip will conclude with a return to the US on June 15th.  We will visit numerous exciting places including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Caesaria,   Akko, the Golan Tsfat, Tiberias, Rosh HaNikra, and more.  We are planning to visit historical, religious, and natural sites throughout much of the country.  We promise to keep you entranced, amazed, awestruck, and busy!

There will be an add-on available for those interested in a longer, more in-depth journey.  Our trip extension will include a journey through the south of Israel, including the Negev Desert, Ber-Sheva, the Reform Movement Kibbutzim, with possible study with a scholar of the Arava Institute (one of the top environmental institutes in the world and an organization that also does extensive Israeli-Arab leadership work) and a possible trip to Eilat.  As we complete our journey through the south, we will head to Jordan for an exciting visit to Petra.

Beginning this fall, we will be offering a serious of classes, movies, and discussions about Israel and the Middle East to help prepare us for our trip.  Those learning opportunities, will, of course be open to the entire congregation.

We are compiling a list of those who might be interested in traveling with us.

Please call the office (309) 662-3182 or email us at

Photos coming soon!

Enjoy the beautiful view

as the sun sets in the desert.

Put your prayers in the Western Wall

Walk around the perimeter of the

Old City of Jerusalem

on top of the City’s Walls